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Brainwave Technology

Audio-visual Brain Entrainment with BrainTap

Revitalize your mental fitness with BrainTap Basic, a journey into enhanced intuition and communication under Dr. Patrick Porter’s expert guidance. Experience the cutting-edge of brainwave technology for a more energetic, focused life.
Review brain scans

Balanced Brain. Health. Life

Join Dr. Brandon Crawford in exploring the intersection of functional neurology and nutrition in our Balanced Brain.Health.Life course. Transform your understanding of brain health and holistic well-being with this integrative, cutting-edge approach.

Better Brain Breakthrough

Immerse yourself in the Better Brain Breakthrough course and let Dr. Patrick Porter guide you through a serene yet powerful transformation of mind. It’s a sanctuary where visualization and suggestion blend seamlessly, fostering a space of mental clarity and creative awakening.
Man feeling pressure and pain in his head with a potential concussion

Concussion Genius

Master the complexities of concussion care with Dr. Ted Arkfeld, from initial diagnosis to innovative treatment strategies. This course offers a deep dive into the nuances of concussion and post-concussion syndrome, equipping you with the skills to excel in this critical field.

Cranial Release Technique Introduction

Modern life is making our patients more stressed. It’s time for you to learn Cranial Release Technique as this represents a massive advantage for you.

Integrating HRV and Biofeedback in Chiropractic Practice

Explore HRV and biofeedback in chiropractic care to enhance ANS assessment and treatment. Learn innovative techniques for personalized, effective patient care.