At Integrative Wellbeing Institute, we’re committed to transforming lives through comprehensive health education. Our journey is about inspiring change and empowering individuals for a healthier, more fulfilled future.

What We Do

Our Vision. Our Values.
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Innovation at the Integrative Wellbeing Institute means constantly pushing the boundaries of health education. We integrate the latest scientific research with cutting-edge teaching methods to foster breakthroughs in wellbeing. Our integrative health and wellbeing courses are designed to challenge conventional thinking and inspire creative solutions for health and wellness, ensuring our community stays ahead in a rapidly evolving field.

Quality is the cornerstone of our educational philosophy. We’re dedicated to providing rigorous, evidence-based courses that uphold the highest standards of learning and contribute to the advancement of healthcare professionals. Each course is meticulously crafted to ensure that it delivers comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, setting a benchmark for excellence in health education.

Our dedication to ethics is deeply personal, reflecting our collective conscience and the trust placed in us by our students and the community. It’s about nurturing a moral compass that guides future healthcare leaders towards compassionate care and unwavering integrity. In every lesson, we embed the principle that the right thing to do is also the most rewarding path to follow.

Respect is about honoring the multifaceted nature of health. We recognize the importance of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being in our holistic approach to education and community building. This value underpins our interactions with students and staff, creating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued and everyone’s contribution is appreciated.

At our institute, community is more than a concept; it’s a shared belief, a collective aspiration for wellness that goes beyond individual ambition. It’s about the warm connections forged between peers, the supportive guidance from mentors, and the united goal of fostering a healthier world. Together, we create a symphony of progress, harmony, and mutual support that resonates within and beyond our walls.

The Founders

Meet the visionaries behind the Integrative Wellbeing Institute, whose passion and expertise chart the course for holistic health education.

Who We Are

Dr. Francisco Cidral

Dr. Francisco Cidral is a distinguished figure in naturopathy and neuroscience, with a career spanning over 15 years as a professor and researcher in integrative practices. With a Bachelor’s in Naturopathy, a specialization in Chinese Medicine, and advanced degrees including a Master’s and PhD in Neuroscience, followed by a Post-Doctorate in Health Sciences, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the field. As a co-founder and associate professor at the Laboratory of Experimental Neuroscience in Brazil, Dr. Cidral has dedicated himself to the advancement of integrative and complementary therapies. 

His extensive publication record includes over 30 A1 scientific publications, books, and contributions to international congresses and scientific journals. He has made significant contributions, particularly in photobiomodulation, and continues his work in the US, focusing on the development of health and wellness devices that promote physical and mental health.

Who We Are

Dr. Patrick Porter

Dr. Patrick K. Porter is an acclaimed author, educator, and entrepreneur with a profound impact on the personal improvement industry. His 20-year tenure at the helm of the world’s largest self-help franchise showcases his commitment to personal growth and innovation. As a pioneer in brainwave entertainment technology for over three decades, Dr. Porter has been instrumental in developing groundbreaking tools such as the MC2, a personal brain training machine that earned the title of “Best New Gadget of the Year” in 1989. 

His expertise and innovative spirit have earned his team accolades, including the “Best New Health APP” at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. Dr. Porter’s dedication to the field is evident in his extensive product outreach, having sold over 3 million self-help products globally, making him a key figure in the evolution of brain-based wellness and education.

Meet Your Instructors

Get to know your instructors, the experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through your journey of integrative health and wellbeing.

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